About us

When massive amounts of data turn into revolutionary insights: This is the moment we focus on.

We are AI enthusiasts, machine learning experts and business strategists. We support our clients to profit from the immense potential offered by the combination of their human brains and our artificial intelligence tools.

  • Time is money: Our inhouse-developed technology allows you to find the essentials out of millions of files, websites or databases within seconds.
  • Find the needle in the haystack: While humans lose attention after reading three to five texts thoroughly, machines never stop focusing on the task given to them.
  • Learning by doing: Machines are perfectly able to learn from your feedback and immediately put it into practice.

We empower you to tap into the potential of machine learning, save valuable time and support the rightness and farsightedness of your business decisions.

Our team is based in Berlin and Vienna and consists of mathematicians with more than a decade experience in machine learning as well as business strategists with years of experience in the IT, Finance, Industry, Media and Legal sectors. We understand your needs and translate it into the language of machines.