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Join as a curator

Curators of this book include experts on the topic (working in the respective industry, science or public institutions) who are willing to contribute with their knowledge in order to inform and educate a wide audience mainly consisting of non-experts.

Curators evaluate, comment and/or enrich defined chapters of the book which they receive from the lead author as drafts. The lead author ensures that all contributions are combined in a way that the mission of the book will be fulfilled: To reach out and be understood by non-experts.

Each curator is named within the book (in the „Overview of Curators“ section) together with the name of the organization for which he/she works. All curators contribute free of charge.

How to join as a curator:

  1. Get in touch with our team by emailing to books@thinkers.ai. Briefly tell us about your background or include a link to your linkedin or xing profile so we know in which field exactly you are an expert in.
  2. We give you feedback about the possibility to join the project as a curator.
  3. The lead author emails you a draft of the book chapter for which he/she would like to receive your evaluation, comments or enrichment of the content.
  4. You email your contribution to the lead author and answer possible questions he/she might have.