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All that matters: thinkers.ai enables you to stay up to date about new covid-19 cases in your region and about the global progress on new vaccines.

Should you get vaccinated or not? Decide yourself based on the latest information on side effects, experiences and expert opinions internationally!

Launch December 2020

A total number of cases is hardly helpful – especially if you are travelling.

Instead you need the info on what is behind that number: Which region is affected and how? Which clusters appeared? Which measures have already been taken? Relevant info at the push of a button or directly in your inbox means you are well informed at your holiday destination, on a business trip or in your home town: Email alerts from thinkers.ai will get the essence for you out of the billions of data available on the web. We search, you find – this is of utmost importance if it comes to your health!

Published total numbers of cases do not help if you want to know how to protect yourself better or in which region not to travel. Qualitative info from the web give the fastest insights.