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Market & Competitive Intelligence

keeps track of the state of your industry and your competition to …

… drive your strategic and tactical actions

  • identify trends and threats before competitors do
  • improves planning:
    • Where should you devote more resources?
    • Which markets should you infiltrate next?
    • Into which market segments should you push new or existing products?

… maximize your marketing impact

The constantly updated picture of your markets, the competitive landscape and customer behaviour leads to:

  • increased growth by data-driven decision-making around marketing strategy & branding
  • optimized marketing activities and wisely reduced spending backed by “real world data”
  • early warnings of competitors’ moves to counter them

… fuel your market expansion plans

Market scanning & monitoring examines target markets to

  • track emerging market trends, regional developments and changing market factors and to determine market entry opportunity
  • formulate market development plans and penetration strategies
  • evaluate the competitive landscape and encounter with the right strategic moves

… deliver implications far beyond marketing

  • Product Management: Data on the current state and future trends in a market enable to build first-class products that are best adapted to customer needs
  • Executive Management: Up-to-date, relevant market info in your pocket supports tactical decisions and strategic thinking
  • While market research is quickly outdated, thinkers.ai is the source for always-up-to-date market info

Case Study:
Utility company

Business Challenge

The energy market is a highly competitive market with many competitors in each business unit.


The company wanted to monitor the activities of all competitors and sector-relevant associations for each business unit. Attention is on current offers, marketing campaigns and innovation in a defined geographical region.


thinkers.ai is used on a daily basis. The company is now able to gain insights on the relevant markets for each business unit at a push of a button. This keeps the corporate management up-to-date. Furthermore, the market research team saves considerable working time which is now used to evaluate the data and take quicker actions. On top, text analytics & visualization offer much deeper insights into current market data than ever before.