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Media Monitoring

in the most efficient way …

… for a new level of transparency and efficiency

  • Efficient media monitoring is a serious challenge:
    • External media monitoring services widely work manually as keyword tools do not provide precise results: This drives massive costs
    • Using pure keyword searches produces many irrelevant results an therewith internal manual editing effort on a daily basis
  • thinker.s.ai’s contextual search tracks news and mentions of your brand near real time, AI separates relevant and irrelevant media reportage: This massively saves costs and produces highly qualitative search results at the same time
  • Sources include any kind of websites (news portals, forums, blogs, review websites etc.) as well as social media channels and print media

Case Study:
Political Institution

Business Challenge

Media Monitoring is a must-have in the political sphere. Key personnel, parties and key topics are monitored.


Monitoring is done externally with six-digit costs per year.
The goal was to reduce media monitoring costs.


In a first step, thinkers.ai provides media monitoring of web sources. Preparations are ongoing to provide print media monitoring as well.
Cost savings compared to the former monitoring service: 50%.