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Research Automation & Venture Scouting

finds relevant contextual data in your focus areas …

… for dynamic insights into your research topics

  • Research is either time-consuming if executed internally or it is really expensive if outsourced
  • thinkers.ai delivers relevant information which is pre-qualified by AI and therewith massively reduces repetitive manual research work and increases time for content analysis and evaluation
  • M&A departments, investors, incubators and accelerators may use thinkers.ai to identify interesting investment targets globally (f.e. considering factors like industry, growth stages or company size)

Everything in sight

Flexible delivery options

Access via web portal, embedded in your CRM, or APIs + Notification via email to the respective seller

Case Study:
HealthTech incubator within the pharmaceutical industry

Business Challenge

The incubator’s goal is to attract the world`s most promising HealthTech and InsurTech StartUps in a defined growth phase for an acceleration program.


The scouting process was unsatisfying: StartUps were recruited by using third party contact databases. This was very expensive and included outdated data, too. Furthermore, the incubator wasn’t able to build up its own database of global StartUps in its industry to get the “big picture” of the market.


thinkers.ai identifies relevant StartUps globally on a daily basis. Data is always up-to-date and matches the incubator’s selection criteria. In this way, the incubator builds up an own database and therewith wins unique strategic insights into the global industry.