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Sales Intelligence

finds, monitors and understands sales-relevant information on your prospects and clients to …

… keep your sales team informed about customer news and therewith increase their effectiveness

  • Knowledge is the currency of sellers today, but becoming an expert on every prospect and multiple industries is extremely time consuming
  • Embedding client data and news directly into a sellers’ daily workflow enables him/her to know precisely whom to talk with, what to talk about and when to reach out to your prospects or customers in B2B sales
  • Contextual info from digital footprints surrounding your prospects and clients enriches your CRM data and is much more than just phone numbers and emails
  • And it fuels your lead generation processes, f.e. by combining external data with internal data to generate a “360 degree” view on leads

… save hours of research time for sales so they can focus more on customer meetings

  • Eliminate time-killing manual research which you need to prepare a successful B2B customer meeting or lead generation
  • Increase your win rate by tailoring your pitch to immediate customer needs
  • Conduct more accurate territory planning

Everything in sight

Flexible delivery options

Access via web portal, embedded in your CRM, or APIs + Notification via email to the respective seller

Case Study:

Business Challenge

The strategic sales management team of a bank looked for an innovative sales methodology that is easy to handle for every B2B key account manager internationally and at the same time increases their sales opportunities as well as cross-selling potential.


Studies about other industries showed that even top sellers increased sales by 10% by using sales intelligence while former „average“ sellers increased by 30 to 40%. The goal of the bank is to achieve such an enablement combined with a high adoption rate within the decentralized sales team through an easy-to-use approach.


thinkers.ai delivers relevant B2B client news (such as announced plans for market expansion in foreign countries or new factory building) directly into the CRM system of the bank plus email notifications to respective sellers. This initiates lead generation processes and openings of sales communication.

Studies proof

Companies that have pioneered the use of AI in sales increased leads and appointments of more than 50% and reduced costs of 40%–60%

— source: McKinsey book “Sales Growth”