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Technology sovereignty

  • Own web indexing: thinkers is not an add-on to conventional search engines.

    thinkers is the only European company indexing the web.

Sustainable data handling

  • Web sources: All trustworthy websites; web spam and fake websites are not stored or processed (= around 80% of the web)
  • Less computing power and therewith less energy and water (cooling) supply needed
  • Energy savings for all users due to less search time and decrease in search

Data protection by design

  • Technology made in Europe: Full support for GDPR measures
  • Privacy protection measures and transparency for users with regard to the processing of non-public data

Analytics for all users

  • Analysing the content of web data masses was reserved for search engine operators, with thinkers users are enabled to analyse web data masses, f.e. with regard to trends, signals or hidden patterns

Our AI methodology

We employ a proprietary AI methodology called “CAP” which collects and analyzes data and presents the relevant search results to you.

Multisourced data collection

  • News
  • Editorial
  • Press Releases
  • Studies
  • Print PDFs
  • Social Updates
  • Internal Documents
  • Blogs

Fully automated text analysis (NLP, Multilingual)

  • Our data scientists teach machines how to read: To take disparate bits of information, understand their meaning and separate the relevant and the irrelevant
  • Once “taught”, machines process massive amounts of data with human-like logic at infinitely fast speed

Easy-to-use search result presentation

  • Search result presentation is as simple as with current search engines, so there’s no user training necessary
  • Flexible delivery options are offered: Access via web portal, embedded in standard systems, or APIs + Notification via email
  • Further text analytics and visualization offered customized to your needs

Time is money.
Information is key.