The technology developed by our team solves problems in various business sectors such as Finance, Industry, Media, Legal, Telecommunications, Retail amonst others.

Think about Contracts

Automatically extract key information from contracts and other legal documents

Think through Big Data

Search based on meaning instead of keywords

Think in Clusters

Understand (hidden) structures in your data and cluster documents according to content attributes

The approach of our company originates from a simple question of a publisher of textbooks who asked: Can machines help me to identify the right texts within the 4,550,000,000 results which google recommends me to read?

We helped the author to find exactly what he was looking for. The project resulted in a series of books which is soon to be published by a renowned media houses in various regions and languages worldwide.

Sample project – Publishing sector delivers the technology for the worldwide first textbook written by artificial and human intelligence. What this textbook is all about: Technology!

More precisely, the project comprises not only one but a series of books called „Let’s crack this tough nut!“: supports the authors of these books to find highly qualitative content online, gain new insights to their topics and to automatically cluster other authors` work to get a clear overview of content, trends, news or even fake news.

The result of our involvement: Textbooks with great content and validation as well as substantial time saving for the authors.